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PBBM sees potential of Philippines to become leading agri resource hub

PBBM sees potential of Philippines to become leading agri resource hub

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. reiterated that transforming the country’s agriculture and fisheries into a robust sector is the top priority of his administration as he acknowledged the need to continue opening more opportunities for local farmers and fisherfolk. “With our energies and resources combined, I am confident that we will not only achieve our goal of feeding the Filipino people, but also achieve our dream of making the Philippines a leading agricultural resource hub in the region and the world,” President Marcos said. The President enjoined all agriculture and fisheries stakeholders to recommit to synergizing efforts towards the country’s agricultural and economic productivity during the AgriLink/FoodLink/AquaLink 2022 Opening Program at […]

Distribution of Agricultural Projects and Other interventions and Groundbreaking of Agribusiness Incubation Hub


農業省(DA)の「OneDA」改革アジェンダの近代化および工業化戦略の下で、合計3億5,000万ペソ(M)の農業支援および介入がパンガシナンの農民組合および協同組合に授与されました。 2021年7月22日、農業大臣のウィリアム・ダーとDAリージョンIのディレクターであるネスター・ドメンデンが、コンバイン、四輪駆動トラクター、および米用のハンドトラクターとトウモロコシの生産。野菜生産者、家畜飼育者への追加支援、および魚と塩の生産強化プログラムの下での漁師への生計支援も授与されました。訪問中、秒。 […]



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