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Young students pledge to be “RICEponsible”

Young students pledge to be “RICEponsible”

Sixth grade students from the Raya School Fairview pledged to be “RICEponsible” or to consume rice responsibly during the 20th Ceremonial Rice Harvesting at Rizal Park on November 11, 2022. The event, which was hosted by the Department of Agriculture (DA)-Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) and National Rice Program, is part of the 2022 National Rice Awareness Month (NRAM) celebration to raise rice awareness, promote better health, and support local farmers, among others. The students and their teachers/guardians committed to follow NRAM’s “A-Ba-Ka-Da” campaign. A-Ba-Ka-Da stands for “Adlay, mais, saba, atbp. ay ihalo sa kanin,” “Brown rice ay kainin,” “Kanin ay huwag ay sayangin,” at “Dapat bigas ng Pilipinas ang […]

DA doubles down on “Be RICEponsible” advocacy

DA doubles down on “Be RICEponsible” advocacy

“To show our never-ending support to our rice farmers, we must patronize buying locally produced rice and rice-based products,” Department of Agriculture (DA) Assistant Secretary for Operations Arnel De Mesa urged. During the Opening of the National Rice Awareness Month (NRAM) Exhibit at DA on November 14, 2022, Assistant Secretary De Mesa highlighted the “Be RICEponsible” advocacy as the NRAM’s official theme until 2028. He also stressed that to be responsible consumers, everyone should start with the new “A Ba Ka Da” movement. “A” stands for “Adlay, mais, saba, atbp. ay ihalo sa kanin (Mix rice with other staples such as adlai, saba, corn, etc.)” and “B” is for “Brown […]

PH rice production remains high despite big challenges

PH rice production remains high despite big challenges

The Department of Agriculture (DA) National Rice Program reported that this year’s local palay production is expected to reach 19.50 million metric tons (MMT) or 12.754MMT of rice despite global challenges that include the increase in prices of fuel and fertilizer, among other inputs. The DA’s 2022 rice supply and demand outlook as of September 15 showed that the total annual supply is at 17.364MMT, while the total annual usage is at 15.137MMT. There will be an ending stock of 2.228 MMT equivalent to 60 days. The expected import arrival is at 2.751MMT for the first three quarters of the year. While all of the remaining issued import clearances by […]

Japan helps Silay village commercialize strawberry farming


日本政府は、ネグロスオクシデンタル州シライ市の村でのイチゴ栽培の商業化を支援するために、1,448万ペソの助成金に署名しました。 3月14日に越川和彦大使が署名した助成金契約は、日本のイチゴ栽培技術と農場経営の専門知識を利用して、バランガイ・パタグの住民に収入の選択肢を提供するものでした。このプログラムは、日本の非政府組織であるIkaw-Akoによって実施されます。大使館は3月15日の声明で、「日本は、このプロジェクトがフィリピン国民と日本の友好関係を強化するだけでなく、両国間の既存の戦略的パートナーシップを強化すると信じている」と述べた。資金は日本の一部です[…]

DA, onion growers agree to continue making local onion industry more competitive


地元のタマネギ産業に影響を及ぼし続けている問題と課題に対処するために、ウィリアム・ダー長官が率いる農務省(DA)の主要な役人と、ヌエバ・エシハと西ミンドロのタマネギ農家のリーダーが集まり、戦略を立てる対話を行いました。地元の農家をより競争力のあるものにするため。 「私たちはこの機会を適切に利用して、あなたの話に耳を傾け、政府ができることを明確にして、あなたを競争力のあるものにし続けることができるようにしました。 Dapat kaya natin makipagtunggali sa mga magsasaka sa ibang parte ng mundoは、最高の技術と革新を採用することにより、北でマパタアス・ナティン・アン・インヨン・アニを支援しました。



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