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A technical report on the definition of matcha

A technical report on the definition of matcha

In recent years, “Matcha” has become more popular not only in Japan but also overseas, and the market is expanding worldwide. Matcha uses the new shoots of tea grown under the shade as a raw material, and a special tea-making machine to produce its bright green color, rich taste, and aroma. These technologies have been developed in Japan. Even though matcha is popular all over the world, information about its unique characteristics which are not found in other type of tea and history of technology are not fully known. Also, currently there is no consensus or rules in the international market. Therefore, Japan, led by NARO, has been promoting the international standardization activity of matcha with the aim of establishing the definition of matcha internationally in cooperation with the government.

A technical report summarizing the cultivation method, manufacturing method of matcha and its history has been published by the ISO. This report will provide the accurate information about “Matcha” in the international tea market. By using this report, the wonderful technology and quality of matcha that Japan has cultivated with tradition will be popularized all over the world. It is expected to improve the reputation of Japanese matcha in the international tea market and lead to the future development of the matcha market.
In the future, NARO will promote international standardization activities for matcha with the aim of developing an international standard that defines the range of chemical components related to quality based on this technical report ISO TR 21380.