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Japan Customs Procedures for Private Import Cargo

The following shipping services may be used for ordered goods with the customs clearance procedure varying by service. International courier service General cargo Parcel post Importing goods using international courier service For goods sent by international courier service, a customs broker clears the goods through customs for you and advances the duty payments such as […]

Japan Customs: Export Procedures

a. Outline of Export Clearance Exporters must declare to the Director-General of Customs the nature of the goods as well as the quantity, price, and any other necessary particulars. An export permit must also be obtained after the necessary physical examination. Goods for export must be brought into the Customs(Hozei) area or a specially permitted […]

Japan Customs: Import Procedures

a. Outline of Import Clearance Any person wishing to import goods must declare them to the Director-General of Customs and obtain an import permit after necessary examination of the goods concerned. The formalities start with the lodging of an import declaration and end with issuance of an import permit after the necessary examination and payment […]