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Food Sanitation Act

Importation of food to Japan for ‘business’ must be notified to the quarantine section.
It is illegal to sell these products without notification.

Procedure for notification:


  1. Download and fill up two copies of this form <>
  2. Documents describing the name of the food item, origin, processing method, ingredients, etc.
  3. Bring the documents directly to the quarantine section or send via post.

For food products that do not require notification, the importer may be requested to submit a ‘confirmation certificate’ certifying that the items do not require a notification under Food Sanitation Act.

Import Procedure under Food Sanitation Law


To ensure the safety of imported foods and related products, Article 27 of the Food Sanitation Law obliges importers to submit import notification. As Article 27 of the Food Sanitation Law states that “Those who wish to import food, food additives, apparatuses, or container/packages for sale or for use in business, shall notify the Minister of Health, Labour, and Welfare on each occasion as prescribed by the Ministerial Ordinance,” the imported foods and related products must not be used for sale without import notification.

“Notification Form for Importation of Foods, etc.” is submitted to a Quarantine Station of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. At the quarantine station, food sanitation inspectors carry out document examination and inspection to see the foods and products comply with the Food Sanitation Law.

(→ Procedures of Import Notification of Foods and Related Products)

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