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Visually tasty, sustainable choice for food containers

Visually tasty, sustainable choice for food containers

TOKYO, Oct. 16 – A growing number of fruit and vegetable producers are choosing paper containers for their products.

In January 2021, FP Chupa Corporation, a Tokyo-based custom container manufacturer, introduced a new series of good-looking fruit and vegetable containers made of paper, successfully selling 500,000 already.

The “Kami Vege” series packages (kami means paper in Japanese) are made of water-resistant paper and have holes to let some air through to keep the products fresh. There are four different sizes of black, red, and tomato-patterned versions, all with transparent windows.

They are particularly popular among female farmers and fancy supermarkets. FP Chupa also released paper fruit trays in June this year, and intends to continue focusing on the development of paper containers. “The demand for eco-friendly products is expanding,” said Tamon Yanase, a 24-year-old employee of the company. “We want to offer new options to the market,” he continued.