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Japan Flowers and Plants Export Association to seek government certification as an organization to promote exports

TOKYO, Nov. 5 – Japan Flowers and Plants Export Association, an industrial body working to boost exports of flowers and plants, held a general meeting on Nov. 4 after becoming a general incorporated association to be officially designated under the law to promote exports.

The association will carry out procedures to be certified by the government as an organization to step up exports of certain items, so that it can obtain government assistance in promoting sales of cut flowers, garden plants and bonsai potted trees in foreign countries.

Under the revised law on facilitating the export of agricultural, forestry and fishery products and food which took effect in October, a new system was established in which the government certifies and supports organizations according to items.

As organizations need to have a corporate status to get certified, the association was disbanded as a voluntary organization and became an incorporated association.

It will offer support to its members through promotional activities, information gathering and facilitating interactions among those hoping to ship products abroad.

Three organizations have so far been certified by the government, obtaining designation in October for sweets, lumber and pearl.

If the flowers and plants association is certified, it will be the first for farm produce.

The association hopes to get certified by the end of this year so it can give a boost to negotiations and orders for exports in early spring.

Takayuki Shishikura, an advisor to Japan Nurserymen’s Association who was chosen to be the head of the flowers and plants association, said at the meeting, “I hope to succeed the business (of the voluntary association) and aim to develop it further to facilitate exports.”

An official of the secretariat said, “We plan to market such products as bonsai which is popular in Europe.”


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