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DA Japan seeks to promote trade and investment in agriculture, agribusiness and agro-industrial business.  It serves as the resource and assistance center for Philippine and Japanese doing business in agricultural production, marketing and promotion of food and drinks.  It links buyers and sellers to the global food value chain in which the Philippines strives to position itself as a major player using innovative and smart digital technology. 

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  • Reason to choose Philippines
    Reason to choose Philippines

    Due to its terrain and tropical climate condition and latest technology, farming and fisheries have been the largest agricultural sub-sectors in the Philippines. Crop production, particularly of sugarcane, rice, coconut, and bananas were among the highest nationwide and were also among the top export products.

  • Partner with PH and JP agribusinesses
    Partner with PH and JP agribusinesses

    We support PH and JP agriculture businesses and provide information on trade fairs / exhibitions, trade shows, and trade missions.

  • Contents from both PH and JP
    Contents from both PH and JP

    This website will be your one-stop source of information for agriculture, food, technology, etc. from both PH and JP.

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News & Events

Image 2023年3月17日

全国青年農業者会議発表 若手5人に最優秀賞


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Image 2023年3月17日

日本農業賞、誉れの表彰 4年ぶり対面開催 地域貢献に力


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Image 2023年3月14日

Udon “Maranic” event held in western Japan

A 100-kilometer marathon that offers tasty udon noodles to runners was held in the western

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Image 2023年3月14日

Japan’s young farmers say they want to talk with consumers via SNS and face-to-face to build strong followings

CHIBA, Feb. 22 – On February 22, 2023, the National Council of Agricultural Cooperative

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Image 2023年2月10日

ローソン価格維持で47%増量 おにぎり、デザート…6日~3週間、生活応援


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Image 2023年1月17日

Bluefin tuna fetches ¥36 million at New Year’s auction in Tokyo

A bluefin tuna fetched ¥36.04 million ($273,000) on Thursday at the New Year’s auction

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